Best Christmas Movie

Best Christmas Movies

Best Christmas Movie of All Time

Heart-warming holiday films to stream this Christmas

It’s a cold evening in December. You’ve got a cup of hot chocolate, a plate full of cookies and a blank QLED TV ready to go. All you need now is the perfect Christmas movie to bring it all together. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered, with a list of the best Christmas films to ever grace the silver screen – so sit back, relax and enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Best Christmas Movie | Happy Baby Mama

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Following the story of Dr. Seuss’s original green humbug, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is the perfect Christmas movie for kids and adults alike. Between the quirky Christmas magic of Whoville and the gravelly voice of the Grinch shouting insults in Cindy LouWho’s face, it captures every feeling (both nice and naughty) that Christmas and the holiday season represent. It certainly makes our smile grow three sizes every time we watch it.

Best Christmas Movie | Happy Baby Mama

Home Alone

Inside every kid born from 1980 to now, there is a Kevin McCallister waiting to get out. Thankfully, we have Home Alone to scratch that itch once a year, and revisiting Kevin’s pranks has become a true Christmas pastime in its own right. It may not have Santa Clause or any of his reindeer, but Home Alone perfectly captures that feeling of childish joy and excitement that Christmas has come to represent. Available to stream now on Disney+.

Best Christmas Movie | Happy Baby Mama

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The ultimate crossover episode brings Halloween and Christmas together under one spookily festive roof in this animated Disney classic. Following a cast of surprisingly charismatic skeletons, mad scientists, and monsters as they try to wrap their twisted claws around Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas has established itself as the definitive non-Christmas Christmas movie. And if you upscale it on a QLED 8K TV, it looks even better today than it did in 1993. This one is also available to stream on Disney+.

Best Christmas Movie | Happy Baby Mama


Childish, silly, and over-the-top funny from open to close, Buddy the Elf has become synonymous with Christmas spirit, naively searching for family, love and the spirit of Christmas in an all too indifferent New York City. Everyone has their favourite scene, whether it’s the time he tries to hug a rabid racoon, when he douses spaghetti in maple syrup, or when he fights a department store Santa Clause for not being real.

Best Christmas Movie | Happy Baby Mama

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

It’s hard to think of a film that more perfectly illustrates the pleasures (and pains) of having your family stay for the holidays than Christmas Vacation. From a curious cat who wound up electrocuted by a Christmas tree to a case of light kidnapping, it will keep you in stitches from start to finish, and is endlessly quotable. As cousin Eddie would say, “that’s just a real nice surprise, Clark.”

Best Christmas Movie | Happy Baby Mama

Love Actually

A Christmas rom-com that somehow avoids all the pitfalls of both Christmas movies and rom-coms, Love Actually is as funny as it is genuinely sweet. Everyone has their favourite storyline, whether it’s the hilarity of a failing rock-star releasing his latest Christmas single (Christmas is all around us), or the awkwardness of a prime minister making out in the backstage of a school play, there is definitely something for everybody.

Best Christmas Movie | Happy Baby Mama

The Santa Clause

If the first person who pops into your head when you hear Santa Claus is Tim Allen, you are not alone. This 1994 Christmas classic cemented its version of jolly ol’ St. Nick in the heads of millions of kids as the one and only Santa, and his signature mix of dad-humour and childish whimsy keeps you laughing throughout. Available to stream on Disney+, it’s the perfect dose of cheesy Santa goodness on a cold winter’s day, and will make you think twice the next time you read a contract clause.

Best Christmas Movie | Happy Baby Mama

Die Hard

Not a Christmas movie so much as a Christmas ritual, the hard-hitting action of Die Hard is the perfect complement to offset the sweetness and sentimentality of every other movie on this list. After all, who doesn’t like watching John McClane take out a dozen bad guys without any shoes on? This is probably one to watch after the kids have gone to bed.

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